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Technology Management

Platform and Policy | HRIS Employee Policy | Technology Usage Policy

Technology involves the use of human resources information systems (HRIS) to support the human resource function, and the development and implementation of policies and procedures governing the use of technologies in the workplace.

Our technology platforms are designed to support the achievement of your organization's strategic direction, vision and goals.


There are two platform options available as part of the ASO package. Both are scalable and customizable.

Platform Highlights

  • Employee and supervisor self-service portal

  • Benefits Portal

  • Payroll & Time Tracking

  • Organizational Chart

  • Employee Handbook

  • Employee Files

  • Electronic Signatures

  • Hiring

  • Onboarding

  • Learning Portal: Compliance and Development Training

  • Performance Management and Documentation Management

  • Employee Satisfaction Survey and Tools

  • Comprehensive Reporting, Data Analytics 


....and much more


Technology Policy

Develop and implement organizational standards and policies for maintaining confidentiality of employee and workforce data

  • Craft strategy and/or provide guidance on effective standards and policies for use of technologies in the workplace

    • Examples: Bring-your-own-device, social media, corporate and personal e-mail, internet messaging, computers for personal activity.

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