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Talent Acquisition

Talent Acquisition encompasses the activities involved in building and maintaining a workforce that meets the needs of the organization.


How SpruceHR approaches building and maintaining your workforce:


Planning & Strategy

  • Learn and understand the talent needs of your organization or business unit

  • Analyze staffing levels and projections, to forecast workforce needs

  • Complete a job analysis and identification of job requirements

  • Write specific, detailed job descriptions to not only attract candidates, but also to help them completely understand what the job entails

  • Ensure Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Belonging is implemented, such as, gender-neutral words

  • Determine employment categories (e.g., salaried/hourly, contract, temporary, interns)

  • Establish or support an Employer Value Proposition and employment brand for sourcing and recruiting applicants

  • Develops strategies for sourcing and acquiring a workforce that meets the organization’s needs



  • Designs and implement effective strategies for sourcing, recruiting and evaluating qualified job candidates

  • Use a wide variety of talent sources and recruiting methods to attract qualified applicants

  • Use technology (e.g., social media, applicant tracking software [ATS]) to support effective and efficient approaches to sourcing and recruiting employees


  • Methods for selection assessment (e.g., ability, job knowledge, non-cognitive tests, assessment centers, interviews)

  • Uses the most appropriate hiring methods to best evaluate a candidate’s technical skills, organizational fit and alignment with the organization’s competencies needs



  • Job offer negotiations (e.g., salary)

  • Conduct appropriate pre-employment screening (background, references, and drug screening)

  • Job offer contingencies (e.g., background investigations, credit checks)



  • Implement effective onboarding and orientation programs for new employees


Assess Effectiveness

  • Assess the effectiveness of talent acquisition activities that meet the organization’s needs:

    • Cost per hire, time to fill, offer and acceptance rate, new hire turn-over rate, source of hire, hiring manager satisfaction

    • DEIB Metrics: (Applicant pool measured in diversity groups)

      • Number of applicants > how many were qualified > interviewed > job offer > acceptance > when and why each person left the process

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