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Risk Management

Strategy Plans

Security | Business Continuity | Emergency & Disaster Preparedness | Identification of Hazards

Risk Management is the identification, assessment and prioritization of risks, and the application of resources to minimize, monitor and control the probability and impact of those risks accordingly.


SpruceHR can help you increase safety and maintain productivity by creating risk management strategies and plans customized for your business.


Some Examples:

  • Security concerns and prevention: Workplace violence, theft, fraud, corporate espionage, sabotage

  • Approaches to a drug-free workplace: testing, treatment of substance abuse

  • Business recovery and continuity-of-operations planning

  • Emergency and disaster preparation and response planning: Communicable disease, natural disaster, severe weather, terrorism

  • Legal and regulatory compliance auditing and investigation techniques

  • Quality assurance techniques and methods

  • Risk sources and types: Project failure, hazard, financial, operational, strategic

  • Workplace/occupational injury and illness prevention, investigations and accommodations: identification of hazards

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