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Organizational Effectiveness & Development

Alignment | Remove Barriers | Accountability | Goal Achievement

Organizational Effectiveness & Development covers the overall structure and functionality of the organization, and involves measurement of long and short-term effectiveness and growth of people and processes, and implementation of necessary organizational change initiatives.


Organizational effectiveness describes the extent to which an organization is able to achieve its desired goals. Organizational development describes the ongoing maintenance of a workforce capable of accomplishing these goals.


Below are examples of how SpruceHR can support you in organizational effectiveness and development:


  • Ensure key documents and systems, such as, job postings and descriptions, and performance management systems accurately reflect workforce activities

  • Establish measurable goals and objectives to create a culture of accountability

  • Assess organizational needs to identify critical competencies for operational effectiveness

    • Includes behavioral assessments, intergroup and intragroup dynamics

  • Identify areas in the organization’s structures, processes and procedures that need change

  • Provide recommendations for eliminating barriers to organizational effectiveness and development

  • Design and oversee change initiatives to increase the effectiveness of HR systems and processes.

  • Regularly monitor results against performance standards and goals in support of the organization’s strategy

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