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HR Strategic Planning

Strategy Creation | Managing Strategic Direction | Competitive Advantage

HR Strategic Planning involves the activities necessary for developing, implementing, and managing the strategic direction required to achieve organizational success and to create value for stakeholders.


SpruceHR can support you with the following:


  • Use benchmarks, industry metrics and workforce trends to understand your organization’s market position and competitive advantage

  • Evaluates HR’s critical activities in terms of value added, impact and utility, using cost-benefit analysis, revenue, profit-and-loss estimates and other leading or lagging indicators

  • Engage your leaders in strategic analysis and planning

  • Provide you with timely and accurate information required for strategic decision-making

  • Provide HR-focused expertise to your leaders when formulating the organization’s strategy and goals

  • Identifies the ways in which the HR function can support the organization’s strategy and goals

  • Develop and implement HR strategy, vision and goals that align with and support the organization’s strategy and goals

  • Ensure that HR strategy creates and sustains the organization’s competitive advantage

  • Informs business decisions of staff and leaders with knowledge of the strategy and goals of HR and the organization

Additional Key Concepts to Consult:

  • Approaches to project management (e.g., traditional, Lean Six Sigma) and processes (e.g., initiating, planning and design, launching/executing, monitoring and controlling, closing)

  • Organizational mission, vision and values, and their relation to strategic management and planning.

  • Project planning, monitoring and reporting methods and tools

  • Project leadership, governance and structures (e.g., team roles, team management, work breakdown structures)

  • Role of strategic management and planning in creating and sustaining competitive advantage

  • Strategic planning analysis frameworks (e.g., PESTLE analysis, SWOT analysis)

  • Strategic planning process (e.g., formulation, goal-setting, implementation, evaluation)

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