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Employment Law

&  Regulations

Educate & Advise | Ensure & Monitor Compliance | Coaching | Reporting

Employment Law & Regulations are provisions that set the parameters and limitations for organizations and each human resource functional area.


There are six broad areas but please note that this is not an exhaustive list: Compensation, Employee Relations, Job Safety and Health, Equal Employment Opportunity, Leave and Benefits, and Miscellaneous Protection Laws.


SpruceHR maintains knowledge of relevant U.S. and Texas employment laws and regulations and can support your organization in the following areas:


  • Educate and advise senior leadership on HR-related legal and regulatory compliance issues

  • Establish and monitor HR programs, practices, and policies align and comply with laws and regulations

  • Coach employees at all levels in understanding and avoiding illegal and noncompliant HR-related behaviors

  • Oversee fulfillment of compliance requirements for HR programs, practices, and policies

  • Ensure that HR technologies (HRIS) facilitate compliance and reporting requirements (e.g., tracking employee accidents, safety reports)

  • Consult with legal services when appropriate

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