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Employee &

Labor Relations

Employee Handbook & Policy | Corrective Action | Investigation | Grievance |

Coaching and Counseling

Employee & Labor Relations refers to any dealings between the organization and its employees regarding the terms and conditions of employment.


Examples of SpruceHR Services:

  • Develop and implement workplace policies, handbooks, and code of conduct

  • Provides guidance to employees at all levels on the terms and implications of their employment agreement and the organization’s policies and procedures (e.g., employee handbook)

  • Educate employees at all levels about changes in the organization’s policies

  • Coach and counsel managers on how to operate within the parameters of organizational policy and employment agreements

  • Consults managers on how to supervise difficult employees, handle disruptive behaviors, and respond with the appropriate level of corrective action

  • Manage employee investigations, grievance, and discipline process

  • Manage and/or make recommendations for interactions and negotiations with employee representatives (e.g., governmental, legal)

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