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Diversity, Equity
& Inclusion

Analysis | Metrics | Integration | Leveraging Talent | Workplace Accommodations | Training

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion encompasses activities that create opportunities for the organization to leverage the unique backgrounds and characteristics of all employees to contribute to its success.


Many organizations struggle with insufficient prioritization and resourcing lack of understanding of the benefits of DEI. SpruceHR offers services in creation and implementation of strategic plans and virtual or in-person training for leaders and employees to educate and overcome obstacles in the DEI journey. Strategies can be tailored to integrate DEI in every aspect of your business.


Examples of what SpruceHR can do for you:


  • Data collection and analysis to determine the need for change and in what areas

  • Identify opportunities to enhance the fairness of organizational policies and procedures to all employees

  • Training and Development

    • Introduce DEI to your company leaders, or all staff, with training on The Business Case for Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

    • Actions to encourage employees to take advantage of opportunities for working with those who possess a diverse set of experiences and backgrounds

    • Consult with managers about distinctions between performance issues and cultural differences

    • Mentoring, training, guidance, and coaching on cultural differences and practices with employees at all levels of the organization


  • Discuss approaches and create strategies for:

    • Developing an inclusive workplace

    • Recruiting and retaining diverse talent

    • Achieving pay equity

    • Workplace accommodations: Disability, religious, transgender, veteran, active-duty military

  • Integration of goals, policies, and programs that support DEI

  • Develop metrics to evaluate DEI effectiveness

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