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Corporate Social


Community Engagement | Philanthropy | Mission Integration

Environmentally Responsible Decisions

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is the organization’s commitment to operate in an ethical and sustainable manner by engaging in activities that promote and support philanthropy, transparency, sustainability, and ethically sound governance practices.


SpruceHR can coordinate with your organization’s leaders to develop strategies in the following areas:  


  • Explore approaches to community inclusion and engagement: Representation on community boards, joint community projects, employee volunteerism

  • Steps for corporate philanthropy and charitable giving: Selecting recipients, types, donation amounts

  • Reflect CSR in the organization’s mission and values and integration into the organization

  • Ensures that the organization’s CSR programs enhance the employee value proposition and have a beneficial impact on HR programs (e.g., recruitment and retention) and contribute to the organization’s competitive advantage

  • Develop strategies that encourage and support environmentally responsible business decisions

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