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Payroll Administration | Compensation Planning | Benefits and Leave Planning

Stay competitive, attract, retain, and engage your employees with an effective compensation system. SpruceHR can support your business with the following:


Payroll Administration

Regain your time by employing SpruceHR to handle your payroll administration.

  • Process payroll accurately and timely including salary adjustments, special payments, taxes and employee deductions

  • Coach and mentor staff on payroll best practices, answer questions, and assist with changes

  • Provide and explain annual total compensation statements to employees

  • Ensure compliance with all federal and state regulations and changes that impact payroll


Compensation Planning

Research & Analysis:

  • Collect, compile, and interpret compensation and benefits data from various sources, such as, remuneration surveys and labor market trends

    • Comparable worth, determining compensation, internal alignment, external competitiveness

  • Perform internal job evaluations to determine appropriate compensation

  • Analyze internal equity of compensation systems



  • Design organizational compensation and benefits philosophies, strategies, and plans that align with:

    • The organization’s strategic direction and talent needs

    • That directly connect individual performance to organizational success

  • Design compensation approaches

  • Ensure compliance for laws and regulations governing compensation and benefits

  • Design separation and severance systems and programs

  • Design leave plans and approaches (vacation, holiday, sick, paid/unpaid leave)

  • Design a plan to enhance employee wellness and engagement with employee assistance programs (EAP) and wellness programs


Together we can develop, implement, and evaluate as you see fit.

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